How can I fight back the pandemic Covid-19?

A major health crisis has grappled the entire world by its neck. No applause for the guesses, we are of course talking about the pandemic ‘Covid-19’. One of the deadliest threat to the very survival of the mankind. This virus originally originated in China has now spread in almost every country of the world barring a very few ones.
Covid-19 affects people of all age groups, economic strata, religion, country and sex. So how come some people stay safe from it despite being surrounded by this danger? Scientists and experts we this to their higher level of immunity. Though social distancing is mandatory, improved immunity keeps a vigilant check in hotspots especially with community transmission.
How to boost body immunity naturally?
There is no single ingredient or habit that guarantees boosted immunity. Amalgamation of different components contributes towards a good immune system. Scientists and Ayurveda practitioners around the world have jolted down some must Vitamins and ingredients needed to strengthen our body immune system required against Covid-19.

Here are some natural supplements you should consume on daily basis:

Vitamin D

Not a new name, huh! Our own fat-soluble vitamin D has surfaced as a warrior against this virus. This Vitamin builds up our immune system and guard us from respiratory system related ailments. Though there is no specific cure or vaccine for Covid-19 presently, physical distancing, proper hygiene and consuming immunity boosting foods and supplements gives us the hope.

Researchers say it prevents us from viral respiratory diseases like coronavirus or limit the severity of this disease. Apart from Vitamin D fortified supplements you can have it from sources like- Cheese, egg yolks, salmon, herring and sardines, cod liver oil, canned tuna and mushrooms.

Vitamin C

There has been a fanatic rush and hurry among the people to find the best possible cure and ways to prevent it. As it is already established that vitamin C is an effective antioxidant which serves as a saviour in reducing the inflammatory symptoms and resists the surfacing of common cold and also cut shorts its duration. People consuming lower amount of vitamin C than required were found to be at riskier levels for influenza infections. People are relating consumption of vitamin C to prevention of covid-19 infection and building of our immunity. Consuming it does works on our immune system and there is no harm in keeping it strong at this given point of time. One can consume it through natural supplements or food sources like- Kiwi, broccoli, red capsicum, lemon, grapefruit, strawberries, etc.


Good immunity creates a natural defence system in our body that fights against deadly viruses and bacteria. People with weak immunity are first to fall prey to coronavirus. Curcumin a nature’s gift serves as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory component and is anti-bacterial. Curcumin is the main ingredient found in turmeric which is a phyto-derivative. Normal kitchen turmeric has lower percentage of curcumin in it, so it is advisable to consume its supplement for greater benefits. This ingredient as said elevates our immunity and also avoids viral replications, thus minimizing viral load in our bodies. Though there are no set evidences of curcumin’s role in prevention of coronavirus, you can consume it for boosting your immunity after a professional consultation.

Lifestyle Changes are helpful too!

Good health is a combination of healthy body, mind and soul. When we lead a life that’s based on proper eating habits and lifestyle habits, our body’s defence mechanism stays stronger. Everyday we get exposed to so many bacteria or viruses unknowingly but some get affected and some not! A common trend was seen, people who are physically fit get less affected by the pathogens compared to people with underlying health conditions. So apart from consuming products that builds up our immunity what can we do more for that during this pandemic? Here are the evergreen tips:

Sleep well

Too much or too little is always bad! Same holds true for sleep. Our body regenerates new cells and repairs the torn out ones during the sleep. Sleep deprivation causes too many health issues and can take a toll on our overall immunity. Scientifically we should at least take 7-8 hours of sound sleep daily. Whenever we take a sound sleep, we wake up energized and fresh. Haven’t you experienced it?

Bid Goodbye to stress

Do you know stress can weaken our immune system and make us prone to several diseases? Try to keep your stress level low. For that you can do activities like yoga, breathing exercise, meditation or anything that relaxes your mind and body.

Exercise Regularly

Moderate physical activity or workout is necessary to boost our body’s immune system. It flushes out toxins from our bodies and build up immunity. Heavy physical training is personal and should be taken under professional supervision.


A fort that is strong cannot be invaded by the invaders, a body with strong immune system cannot be infected by viruses and bacteria. Let’s live and eat healthy. Stay at home, stay safe!

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