Moringa is the new Superfood

Yes, it is accepted Moringa is the new superfood! What exactly is Moringa? Any idea? It’s the humble drumstick extract found very rampant even in our local vegetable market.
The scientific name of Moringa plant is ‘Moringa Oleifera’ which is known by several names like the drumstick tree, the horseradish tree, the miracle tree or the ben oil tree.
In Indian kitchen drumstick is consumed quite frequently, but still, Moringa is the best ingredient extracted from this plant. The Moringa capsules are concentrated products with all the required benefits of this vegetable plant.
Power House of Nutrients

Among so many plants why Moringa is considered as the ‘Superfood’? Here is the reason:
-Folate and ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
-Vitamin A
-Vitamin B1 (thiamine)
-B3 (niacin), B-6
-B2 (riboflavin)
These are the nutrients present in Moringa. Also, it is very low in fat and zero cholesterol is present in it.

Going Down the Memory Lane
Since ages, even our ancestors used this wonder food in their day-to-day routine life. Popularly known as ‘Tree of life’, each part of this plant has some medicinal property. You name the part and find some benefits associated with it! Be it its seed, leaves, pods, flowers, roots, bark, stems or even the other parts of the tree used for making tools too! So versatile and beneficial to mankind. From ancient times parts of the Moringa tree have been used for making medicines for different ailments. The leaves of this plant were consumed raw in salads, by steaming it and even blending it into the drinks.

Let’s hit the Bull’s eye with the benefits of Moringa

Controls Diabetes

At present there are no actual scientific facts that defines the effect of Moringa on diabetes. Still people consuming Moringa capsules noticed there fasting and PPBS (Post Meal Sugar) to fall in the normal range. This superfood minimizes glucose amount in the blood, sugar levels and also protein in urine. Several diabetic patients reported increased in haemoglobin levels after consuming Moringa for regular period of time.

Decreases body fatigue and tiredness

The main nutrients that fight body fatigue and tiredness are Iron and Vitamin A and these two nutrients are found in large quantity in Moringa.
Iron is the base of forming hemoglobin in the body, consuming it through natural resources like Moringa capsules elevates energy level of the body and combats fatigue. Vitamin A works as a support system for iron aiding in its metabolism. It works great even for people suffering from anaemia.

Increases Body Immunity

Being a superfood, it fulfils a large role of providing a wide array of health benefits. Another in line is: it boosts immunity powers. Having a strong immune system helps us fight back infections and diseases. Regular consumption of Moringa capsules have been found to have increase body immunity.

Strengthens Bones

Extremely rich in Calcium, Vitamin K and protein, consuming Moringa regularly helps in maintaining bone health of our body. It is good for 40+ years of age of people especially women who suffer from calcium deficiency in general.

Other benefits include:

-For flawless skin
-Muscle growth
-Aids digestion
-Good for vision
-Increases milk production during Breast-feeding
-Relieves symptoms of menopause
-And many more.

Though there are plenty of evidences of benefits of Moringa, but still people with any allergy or disease should consume it under medical supervision. A superfood for sure with loads of nutrients and health benefits.


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