How can I strengthen my Immunity naturally?

The world is going through a severe crisis, none of the countries, religion or age group is spared. Yet there are some people who catch the deadly virus and some stay safe.
Many cases have been reported that cited patients saying that they had practiced all safety measures yet suffered from the infection. What could be the reason?
The answer is ‘low immunity’ power of the body. The science behind it is quite simple to understand; when our body’s immune power is low which accounts to disease fighting strength, we can easily be attacked or infected by bacteria or viruses.
So what are the possible ways by which you can give viruses a tough fight? How to boost our immune system? Are there any natural food ingredients that can help to improve the immunity?
Here are the possible answers to these questions…

Boost Immunity the Natural Way

Mother nature has cure for almost every ailment we suffer from. If we go through our ancient books, Ayurveda has suggested some excellent remedies for enhancing our immunity power thus saying no to diseases. Here are top 3 natural ingredients that are readily available in market and can be consumed for better immune system:


Spirulina is basically microalgae which is been consumed by mankind since thousands of years for better immunity and various other health benefits. According to several research, Spirulina extract works as an inhibitor at early stage of various viral infections. They prevent further virus replications and formation of plaque.

This wonder food enhances antibodies production in our bodies, produces infection combating proteins and keeps a check on chronic infection and illnesses. Spirulina is readily available in the market in the form of powder and even pills which you should consume after some consultation.

Soursop / Graviola

Soursop is a common tropical fruit common in countries like South America, some parts of Africa and the Caribbean. It is also known by the name ‘Graviola’. This fruit with green skin have a smell of sharp mango and has white flesh and brown seeds. Graviola extracts have been found to contain few antiviral components that can guard our bodies from various viral infections, at the same time increase our immunity power. This tropical fruit is a treasure of powerful antioxidants and various vitamins like C, B1 and B2. For areas where this fruit is not available in its natural form, people can consume its juice which is easily available. It has same health benefits as the fruits.

Cow Colostrum

In India Cow is considered as a Mother nurturing us since centuries. Cow colostrum has been found to contain powerful immunoglobulins or antibodies that act as an immunity booster ingredient. It works by binding the viral pathogens and thereafter attacking their cell membranes or themselves compete for the binding sites in our body. Main antibody present in cow colostrum is ‘Immunoglobulin G’ that is passed from cow to calf and from cow to humans through colostrum. That’s not enough, cow colostrum has many more antibodies that fights back viruses like- dengue virus, hantavirus, herpes virus, influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, etc. For easy access you can consume cow colostrum in the form of capsules after professional guidance.

Good health during pandemic times is a necessity. We should try to strengthen our immune system through natural ingredients that does not have any side effects. Few ingredients like above are harmless and can be consumed after a normal consultation with the source. Stay safe, stay healthy!


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