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  1. Turmeric : A Gift from Nature with Benefits

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    Well, all we want is to have a healthy lifestyle as the proverb says, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

    What that means is to have a proper and balanced diet to stay healthy.

    Now, what should we add to your diet? Simply just pure and natural products. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is mandatory.
    Nature has the solution to many of our problems.

    The problem here occurs is that we are not searching for the solution in nature.
    Ever wondered how our ancestors lived in their past that too at a high life span rate?!

    Today in this busy world, we are forgetting to live for ourselves. The stress and strain we suffer in our day to day life causing us depression, fear, anxiety, and lots of other harmful situations which makes us diseased forever.

    To overcome these situations, we tend to take medicines, which again has many side effects of its own. So what now, you will search on the internet for the alternate yet simple techniques that did not cause any side effects. You will get many search results but maybe not what you are searching for. Want to deal with this naturally? This is the right place!

    There is a fact that your kitchen is your medicine store and turmeric is one such all-rounder.

    • Turmeric contains powerful medicinal compounds. It is a natural anti-inflammatory compound. Turmeric contains curcumin which is
    a chemical of bright yellow color.

    turmeric and curcumin benefits

    Let’s look at some of the benefits of turmeric.
    • Turmeric has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Turmeric helps in increasing the anti-oxidant capacity in our bodies. Oxidative damage is responsible for aging and other age-
    related diseases. Turmeric delays aging and fight age-related diseases as the above two properties are hugely responsible for this.
    • Turmeric is linked to improved brain function and reduces the risk of brain diseases.
    • Consumption of turmeric water daily is good for your skin and hair to make them healthy.
    • Turmeric milk is also a good energy drink to boost immunity.
    • Researches clarifies that turmeric helps in preventing cancer, there are some situations where turmeric treats the terrible
    • It has anti-depressant properties.
    • Turmeric helps in removing toxins in your body. The reason for this to add to your food products is this.
    • These benefits are scientifically proven. The potential of turmeric to prevent heart disease, cancer disease, and Alzheimer’s
    makes it more popular.

    After reading and understanding the benefits of turmeric, the next step is to start consuming this amazing all-rounder. Now how and when we need to consume it? Is there any supplement for it?

    If you wish to try one, then we have an amazing supplement!

    Curcumin C3 with Bioperine, Lycopene Beta & Grapeseed Extract – 90 Veg Caps is a turmeric/curcumin supplement which we are looking for. It is a vegetarian capsule which contains active ingredients like, curcumin, Bioperine, etc.

    turmeric curcumin with bioperine

    Bioperine is extracted from black pepper. It contains not less than 95 percent of piperine. Bioperine has many benefits as it helps in improving metabolism, memory, immunity, etc.

    To achieve what we were discussing earlier, the very simple step is to start consuming the supplement. Why the above product is because it contains all the good products that we have mentioned and also these are vegetarian capsules and so it can be consumable for both vegans and non – vegans.

    It is to be noted that the above capsule is not to treat any disease. Medical consultation is recommended if you have any health issues. To know more about the product and for purchase, refer to the above link to explore.

  2. Healthy Tips to save you from the risk of Diabetes

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    Everyone desires to feel amazed and empowered on all days of their life. How far are we working towards our wellness destination? We need to remember our health goals and design a lifestyle that will lead us into health and wellness mentally and physically with results that are life-changing. Diabetes is a dangerous illness but if we make appropriate food choices, it can significantly delay or even prevent diabetes from developing. So let us take a look at some easy tips to prevent diabetes.

    Tips to prevent the risk of Diabetes

    Reduce the excess weight

    One of the most important risk factors for developing diabetes is Obesity. Losing one kg of weight can reduce the chances of diabetes by 16%. Excess visceral fat leads to inflammation and insulin resistance while also increasing the risk on diabetes. Studies have also found that in obese people, insulin and blood sugar levels decreased when losing weight and noticed an elevation while gaining weight.

    Follow a low calorie diet which is plant-based and fiber rich

    Consuming fresh fruit and vegetables is proven to be useful in prevention of diabetes. In addition, it is important to avoid foods that are rich in saturated fats, trans fats and sugar. Fiber is essential for your gut health and weight management. Fibers are of two type’s; soluble and insoluble fibers. Insoluble fibers aid in reducing blood sugar levels. Unprocessed plant foods contain fiber.

    Make sure you are consuming sufficient water

    Research has also proved that consuming water provides benefits as it’s increased consumption led to better sugar control and insulin responses. In addition to consuming enough water, it is important to avoid sweetened beverages, cola or sugary juices.

    Move your body by working out regularly

    Lack of physical activity heightens the risk of diabetes. Exercise makes the cells more sensitive to insulin. Indulging  physical activity is useful in improving insulin resistance and regulating blood sugar in obese and pre-diabetic adults. Exercises like aerobics, dance, high intensity training and strength training all do great to your body. Working out regularly and frequently leads to improvement in response and functioning of insulin in the blood. Therefore it is advisable to engage in physical activities so that you can enjoy good health and wellness.

    Sleep well, Remain calm and Stress less

    It’s a known fact how stress triggers the release of several hormones that affect blood sugar levels. One sure way to reduce stress is to be physically active and mentally stress free. It is important to get a good night’s sleep as depriving yourself from sleep or having a poor quality sleep increases the risk of diabetes and obesity. Besides, indulging in your favourite hobbies can keep your stress level in check.

    Take some Natural Herbs in the form of food and supplements – One of the important tips to prevent diabetes

    Herbs help in increasing insulin sensitivity and reduce the likelihood of progression of diabetes. Curcumin, Moringa Oleifera, burdock root, Graviola are fruits and herbs that aid in diabetes prevention and regulating the sugar levels in the body.


    The Nano-formulation of curcumin lowered blood sugar levels significantly in diabetics. Curcumin protects the insulin producing cells in the body from damage thereby potentially preventing any kind of diabetes to develop. The anti-inflammatory effect of curcumin helps prevent insulin resistance by reducing lipid and cholesterol levels in the blood, which further contributes to insulin resistance. Curcumins powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are crucial in helping in the protection of the nerves and blood vessels. Curcumin is now available easily to supplement your diet. Click here to know more

    Moringa Oleifera

    According a study in Acta Histochemica, it was reported that moringa oleifera seeds promoted the lowering of blood sugar levels. Another study in the Journal of Diabetes found that moringa pod extract helped in increasing insulin production and regulate blood glucose levels. Moringa since rich in antioxidants prevents the free radical damage. Several medical studies kept proving the goodness of Moringa and how it increased three major enzymes that fight free radicals, it showed a decrease in body fats and the reduction of blood sugar levels of the patients.

    The fibre richness of Moringa slowed down the update of glucose by the blood. It improves glucose tolerance significantly by slowing down the rate at which food passed through the digestive system hence providing more time for it absorption and thereby improving the glucose level and balance. We are happy to offer some insight into natural, safe, and cost-effective management tools. Top recommended Moringa supplements for over all wellness.

    Burdock root

    Burdock root fiber is efficient in regulating and balancing insulin and glucose in the body. It is also rich in Insulin inducing elements thereby making it the perfect herb to lower overall blood cholesterol. Incorporating this to your diet is a life saver.  Consuming root infusions is a soothing experience, promoting and optimising overall health.

    Graviola Fruit and Leaves

    Graviola fruit has been in use for centuries in South America to regulate blood sugar levels. The ingredients in graviola which include phytochemicals aid in preventing spikes in blood glucose and thereby regulate the blood sugar levels. The consumption of Graviola exhibited healthier livers and higher antioxidant levels in the blood as well as reduced levels of unhealthy fats in the body.

    Anjaneya Graviola Simaruba Ashwagandha Infusion

    To fight the risk of diabetes, a very useful supplement is the “Anjaneya Graviola Simaruba Ashwagandha infusion”.This infusion is a powerful combination of super-foods like (ASHWAGANDHA) known to lower blood sugar levels (SIMARUBA) that cleanses our body from harmful organisms and of course (GRAVIOLA), just to provide the solution for people who are at high risk of diabetes.

    For more Health & wellness related blog click Here

    Schedule medical appointments regularly to prevent diabetes 

    To summarise, make sure you have regular checkups to monitor the status of your health. Besides, if diabetes is neglected, it can lead to long-term complications which include damage to the brain, large blood vessels of the heart, legs and small blood vessels of the eyes, nerves and kidneys. In addition, it also increases the risk of conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, and nerve damage in the feet. Diabetics are more susceptible to strokes, infections, impaired wound healing, hearing loss, gum disease and kidney disease. Consequently it is important to see your doctor regularly and take your required medication. Hopefully it was useful reading the summation of our tips to prevent diabetes. Stay Healthy!

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